Texas Instruments SR-52

Date of introduction:  September 16, 1975 Display technology:  LED-stick
New price:  $395.00, DM 1199.00 Display size:  10 + 2
Size:  6.5" x 3.3" x 1.7"
 164 x 84 x 44 mm3
Weight:  10.0 ounces, 284 grams Serial No:  20180
Batteries:  BP1A Date of manufacture:  wk 51 year 1975
AC-Adapter:  AC9130A or DC9105 Origin of manufacture:  USA
Precision:  12/13 Integrated circuits:  TMC0501, TMC0524, TMC0595, 2*TMC0599, 2*TMC0561/0562
Memories:  20    
Program steps:  224 Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner
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If you call the SR-52 a pocket calculator you need really huge pockets. Introduced in fall 1975, this wonderful calculator integrated a card reader for magnetic strips, a huge memory for 224 steps and the revolutionary AOS entry into a housing similar to the SR-50A calculator. By the way, the SR-52 was the thickest calculator ever with a whooping 1.8". Together with the calculator a "Printed Cradle" PC-100 was introduced, a thermal printer and plotter which secured the SR-52. Remember the year 1975, a SRP of $395 was no bargain. The SR-52 was clearly placed against the Hewlett-Packard HP-65, later the HP-67 got identical memory space to the SR-52.

The SR-52 was an important milestone in the history of programmable calculators based on the TMC0501 building blocks for scalable scientific calculators introduced with the SR-50 and leading to the legendary TI-59.

The remarkable SR-52 uses most features of the TMC0501 architecture. A deeper exploration of the calculator shows a TMC0501 Arithmetic chip surrounded by one TMC0524 SCOM, two TMC0561/0562 BROM (bare ROM like a SCOM without the scanning feature necessary for the keyboard).

In addition you'll notice on the printed circuit board (PCB) two
TMC0599 RAM chips for program and data and finally a TMC0595 controlling the internal magnet card read/writer.

A similar calculator was sold with the huge desktop-model SR-60. The related SR-56 lacked the magnetic card reader.

In November 1976 Texas Instruments announced PPX-52 (Professional Program Exchange), a service for SR-52 users in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to gather, compile and redistribute programs for the calculator. It was in Fall 1977, shortly after the introduction of the TI-59, merged with the PPX-59. All PPX-52 Newsletters are available for free download as a service provided by the Datamath Calculator Museum.

Don't miss the secrets of the SR-52 and read about some Undocumented Features.

At first glance the calculating precision of the SR-52 was reduced from 13 digits to 12 digits compared with earlier scientific calculators based on the TMC0501 Arithmetic chip, for instance the SR-51. But fellow collector Palmer Hanson revealed in October 2009, almost 35 years after its introduction, the remaining secrets of the SR-52. Don't miss the Story "Twelve or Thirteen Digits on the SR-52." 

If you are interested in the calculating accuracy of scientific calculators, don't miss the Calculator forensics

If you are interested in "huge pocket calculators" you should view the Canon Palmtronic F-7.

The SR-52 is featured in the Texas Instruments Incorporated bulletins CB-SR52 dated 1975, SR-52_FL, CB-195A dated 1976 and in the Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH leaflet ER-1976 dated 1976.

Fellow collectors - if you own a SR-52 please report us the serial number and date code on the back of the calculator for our SR-52 Database.

SR-52 Database

Serial Number Origin Date code Logo Owner
11486 USA

DTA 4675

  Robert Phillips
12361 USA

DTA 0276

  Miroslav Krob
13416 USA

DTA 4575

  Mikel J. Harris
13948 USA

DTA 4775

  Joerg Woerner
14131 USA

DTA 4775

  Alberto Fenini
14328 USA

DTA 4875

  Willy Kunz
14440 USA

DTA 4875

  Didier Lachieze
16511 USA

DTA 0476

  Victor Rollinger
17538 USA

DTA 0776

  Claus Buchholz
18679 USA

DTA 0776

  Bo Sörensson
20180 USA

DTA 5175

  Joerg Woerner
23643 USA

DTA 0876

  Francis Teyssier
24777 USA

DTA 0876

  Wolfgang Kemper
25031 USA

DTA 0876

  Erik Theunissen
33359 USA

DTA 1276

  Joerg Woerner
34505 USA

DTA 1376

  Daniel Rios
35678 USA

DTA 1376

  Thierry Bru
36325 USA

DTA 1376

  Joerg Woerner
36603 USA

DTA 1476

  Klaus Sieber
36844 USA

DTA 1376

  Joerg Woerner
37692 USA

DTA 1376

  Joerg Woerner
38938 USA

DTA 1376

  J. Steve Dodds
38945 USA

DTA 1376

  Greg Lane
40046 USA

DTA 1076

  Gene McNair
43520 USA

DTA 1076

  Marie Lisa Collas
43176 USA

DTA 0876

  Brian DeLuca
43939 USA

DTA 1076

  Peter Bach
48299 USA

DTA 0976

  Ricardo Rodríguez
48955 USA

DTA 1076

  Huub van Luijt
47413 USA

DTA 0876

  Julian Burke
49362 USA

DTA 1076

  Joerg Woerner
50061 USA

DTA 0876

  Peter Carlsen
50591 USA

DTA 0876

  Wolfgang Mueller
51248 USA

DTA 0876

  Zbynek Hak
51130 USA

DTA 0876

  Alain Chancé
51796 USA

LTA 2076

  Clemens Driessen
53151 USA

LTA 1776

  Joerg Woerner
53750 USA

LTA 1776

  Helmut Albrecht
58890 USA

LTA 1776

  Greg Lane
022300 USA

LTA 3576

  Thierry Bru
041189 USA

LTA 0377

  Joerg Woerner
051553 USA

LTA 2076

  Karol Groh
060224 USA

LTA 2076

  Frank Nijkamp
060985 USA

LTA 2076

  Phylip Hoarau
061844 USA

LTA 3076

  Phylip Hoarau
061959 USA

LTA 3076

  Michael Guettler
062175 USA

LTA 3076

  Tom Johnson
065498 USA

LTA 3776

  Harry Brugmans
068862 USA

LTA 2976

  Peter Carlsen
084280 USA

LTA 4776

  Thomas Rode
086542 USA

LTA 5176

  Thomas Gardiner
087639 USA

LTA 4576

  Marc Paquette
088976 USA

LTA 4676

  William Eburn
089043 USA

LTA 4676

  Glenn Chappell
938730 USA

LTA 4276

  Marco Antonio Silveira de Souza
941409 USA

LTA 4276

  Pablo Walls
952114 USA

LTA 0577

  Ron Silva
953114 USA

LTA 4176

  Alberto Fenini
955072 USA LTA 0877   Thierry Bru
955283 USA LTA 0677   Chris Tang
956636 USA LTA 0977   Carl Crown
959591 USA LTA 0677   Joerg Woerner
961340 USA LTA 0877   Marie Lisa Collas
6829819 USA LTA 1477   Gary D. Snyder
6831404 USA LTA 1777   Blake McBride
6832449 USA LTA 1777   Thierry Bru
912520 Netherlands 1277 ACH   Chris Straub
9102384 Netherlands 3076 ACH   R. Wuest
9102385 Netherlands 3076 ACH   Bernd Leutner
9113384 Netherlands 0577 ACH   Andre Labbe
9115819 Netherlands 5176 ACH   Rik Bos
9116929 Netherlands 4076 ACH   Miroslav Krob
9117356 Netherlands 4176 ACH   Arnold Kaarsbaan
9117427 Netherlands 4176 ACH   PJ Ballard
9118881 Netherlands 4476 ACH   Lars Wickenberg
9119066 Netherlands 4476 ACH   Zbynek Hak
9119560 Netherlands 4576 ACH   Didier Lachieze
9120784 Netherlands 2177 ACH   Marie Lisa Collas
9124016 Netherlands 1477 ACH   Andre Labbe
9124590 Netherlands 1477 ACH   Andre Labbe

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