Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS Silver Edition

Date of introduction:  Jan.7, 2004
 Available: August 2004
Display technology:  LCD dot matrix
New price:  $129.99 (SRP 2008)
 $145.00 (SRP 2013)
Display size:  8 * 16 characters
Size:  7.5" x 3.3" x 0.85"
 190 x 84 x 22 mm3
Weight:  7.6 ounces, 216 grams Serial No:  2034070731
Batteries:  4*AAA + SR44 (35mA) Date of manufacture:  mth 05 year 2004
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  China (S)
Precision:  14 Integrated circuits:  ASIC: TI REF 83PLUSB/TA2 or TI-REF 84PLUSB/TA3
 Flash: 29LV160
 Display: Toshiba T6K04
Program steps:  24k Bytes, 1.5M Bytes Flash ROM Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

TI-84_PlusSE_CMP.jpg (162681 Byte)The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition replaced the original TI-83 Plus Silver Edition introduced in June, 2001. The enhancements include a high contrast LCD, an integrated USB port for computer connectivity, an internal clock, and an available kickstand.
The size of the two calculators differs only about 0.2" (5 millimeters), nevertheless looks and feels the TI-84 Plus series much larger. The reason can be found in the new layout of the keyboard and an overall design inspired by the TI-1706SV introduced already in Summer 2003.

TI-84_PlusSE_Kbd.jpg (157637 Byte)In addition the TI-84 Plus Silver edition can be personalized by colorful interchangeable faceplates and slide cases.

In 2007 Texas Instruments sold on its website faceplates in 15 different colors: Black, brown, dark red, red, pink, purple, dark blue, blue, light blue, green, gold, orange, bright orange, grey and white. Except bright orange were matching slide cases available, too.

During the Back-to-School 2007 campaign we found in the shelves of the U.S. retailer Target the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition in pink and blue, the office product retailer Office Depot sold a pink edition of the TI-84 Plus S.E.

TI-84_PlusSE_PCB.jpg (113736 Byte)
TI-84PlusSE_Back.jpg (236217 Byte)If your applications are memory hungry you can get more than 1.5M Bytes of Flash-ROM with this TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. Compared with the already optimized TI-83 Plus Silver Edition the new design sports only 3 chips on one printed circuit board (PCB):

TI REF 83PLUSB/TA2: Z80 microprocessor, RAM, USB-Port 
    and supporting logic
Fujitsu 29LV160: 2M Bytes Flash ROM
Toshiba T6K04: Single-chip 64*120 pixel display driver

TI-84_PlusSE_ASIC.jpg (45902 Byte)The picture on the right gives an enhanced view of the ASIC that clocks the Z80 microprocessor with 15 MHz and incorporates the RAM, USB-Port and logic. Learn more about the Hardware Architecture of TI’s Graphing Calculators.

Recently members of the Graphing Calculator Programming community under the lead of Xavier Andréani made a very interesting discovery:

All TI-84 Plus / S.E. with the TA2 or TA3 ASIC have access to 128k Bytes RAM.
All TI-84 Plus / S.E. with the TA1 ASIC have access to only 48k Bytes RAM using
    the same assembly commands.

A component not easily detected on the printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is the driver circuit of the LC-Display. It is just a bare chip mounted on a flexible piece of circuit board attached between the display and the main PCB. 

The similar TI-84 Plus uses almost identical hardware and gives a big improvement to the TI-83 Plus. Read more about the different PCBs used in the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus S.E. model here.

The Flash-ROM of the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is loaded with software, Texas Instruments included 30 Apps.

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition supports the ViewScreen panel and the TI-Presenter either with a special TI-84 Plus Silver Edition ViewScreen Calculator (VSC) or with the Presentation Link Adapter. A serial port of the calculators allows the connection to the Calculator-Based Laboratory system CBL, its successor CBL 2 and the Calculator-Based Ranger CBR. The added USB interface of the TI-84 Plus family calculators connects directly with the Calculator-Based Ranger CBR 2 introduced in 2004, too. With a new cradle even the optional full-sized QWERTY Keyboard introduced in 2002 matches with the TI-84 Plus series.

Texas Instruments introduced with the TI-81 already in 1990 their first graphing calculator. Almost 16 years later sales of the long-time leader in handheld educational technology has accumulated to more than 40 million graphing calculators.

Texas Instruments announced in 2006 the TI-Nspire, this long-awaited calculator family arrived finally July 2007 in the store shelves.

Texas Instruments announced on March 1st, 2010 the TI-84 Plus Operating System version 2.53MP with MathPrint™ mode for free download. The OS 2.53MP enables users to input and view math symbols and formulas, including stacked fractions, in their handhelds exactly as the equations appear in textbooks. Don't miss the amazing TI-84 Plus Pocket SE introduced in January 2012 for Asia.

On January 18, 2013 a colorful addition to the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator family was announced, the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.


TI-84PlusSE_S0504_OS.jpg (57021 Byte)2.21 (March 2004)
2.22 (August 2004)
2.30 (December 2004)
2.40 (November 2005)
2.41 (May 7, 2006)
2.43 (December 4, 2007)
2.53MP (February 15, 2010 includes MathPrint)
2.55MP (January 15, 2011)

You can check the ROM version of your TI-84 Plus S.E. using the following key sequence and reading the number on your screen:

[2nd] [MEM] [1]

Information provided by and Xavier Andréani.  

Exam acceptance:

The TI-84 Plus S.E. is permitted (as of September 27, 2007) for use on SAT, ACT, PSAT and AP exams.


Find here the original press release dated August 5, 2004:

Newest Graphing Calculator from Texas Instruments Helps Students Achieve Success in Math and Science

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is This Year's Must Have Tool for Back-to-School

DALLAS, August 5, 2004

Texas Instruments, the leader in graphing handheld educational technology, today announced the availability of its advanced and stylish TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator. Available in time for the new school year, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition engages students in learning and helps increase the likelihood of success in middle and high school math and science, making it a must-have educational product for parents who want to equip their child with tools to get ahead in school.

Developed with feedback from teachers and students, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition engages students, deepens learning, and reinforces key concepts in math and science. It is preloaded with 30 educational programs for middle and high school math and science, plus productivity programs, including an organizer, to-do list and contact list. The device has enough memory to store up to 94 applications, which teens can download from TI's one-of-a kind, online application library. These lesson-enhancing programs bring math and science to life by transforming textbook problems into real-life applications.

"TI's graphing calculators create a collaborative learning environment that engages students in math and science," said Lisa Suarez-Caraballo, eighth grade mathematics teacher at Luis Munoz Marin Middle School in Cleveland, Ohio. "The preloaded applications help students develop a deeper understanding of math and science so they perform better in these subjects. In my classroom, I especially like using applications such as Topics in Algebra I, which teaches concepts using animation to hold student attention and enhance learning. Students also look forward to playing the lesson-enhancing games located at the end of each section."

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition's built-in USB port makes it easier and faster than ever before for students to connect to home and school computers, share data with other graphing calculators, and collect field data for math and science classes. The USB port and cable also allows the student's calculator to connect with presentation equipment many teachers use in the classroom so that students can show their work with the rest of the class, creating a more collaborative classroom learning experience.

The graphing calculator is a portable study aid with a built-in StudyCards application that students can use to study anywhere, anytime. Because many state and college entrance exams recommend or require a graphing calculator, high-schoolers who are preparing for these exams will benefit from learning to use graphing technology for their school work, well in advance of test time.

Students love the graphing calculator for its cool, sleek design, which they can personalize with colorful, interchangeable faceplates (available separately), and they like the ability to customize the device by creating their own welcome screen and adding educational software applications, schedules and contacts to make them more productive in and outside of the classroom.

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition delivers great value for your back-to-school budget. It grows with the student through the years with durable construction, a fully-upgradeable operating system, and the flexibility to add educational software applications as the student advances in math and science.

"At TI, we work with leading educators and middle and high school students to create effective and exciting tools for students learning math and science," said Marcia Page, vice president of TI's Educational & Productivity Solutions business. "It is rewarding to hear feedback from students, parents and teachers, who say our technology and curricular products improve classroom performance and help students to enjoy math and science like never before."

Pricing and Availability

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition comes packaged with an opaque silver faceplate, USB cable and 30 preloaded software applications. It is available at an estimated retail price of $130. Interchangeable colored faceplates are available separately. The product is available through retail and office superstores nationwide, and through educational dealers. For availability information, please visit


Find here the original press release dated August 10, 2006:

Texas Instruments Helps More Than 40 Million Students Succeed

Milestone Reinforces Company's Commitment to Math Education

DALLAS, August 10, 2006

Fourteen billion hours of math. That’s about how much time students have spent using Texas Instruments graphing calculators since they were introduced in 1990. TI, the long-time leader in handheld educational technology, has now sold more than 40 million of the handheld learning tools that help students from middle school through college better understand and apply mathematical concepts on a daily basis.*

Designed for classroom teaching and learning, graphing calculators feature larger, multiple-line display screens that allow students to run educational applications (Apps), see each step in their mathematical computations and create graphs from equations typed into the device. TI works closely with educators and administrators to develop these classroom tools, including the company’s newest offering, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator.

“I saw a big difference in the way my students learned after using the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition graphing calculator,” said Jane Damaske, an educational technology consultant and former 8th grade math teacher. "Students like seeing problems come to life, and they grasp concepts better while using graphing technology.”

By design, graphing calculators allow students to better make real-world connections in the classroom. Recent research shows that when students use a graphing calculator such as the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition to complete assignments and study for tests, their overall attitude about math and school can improve, significantly enhancing their mathematics performance.**

“I use my graphing calculator in my math, biology and chemistry classes,” said Macy Crabb, a 16-year-old student in Dallas who has been using a graphing calculator for almost five years. “It helps me learn more difficult concepts and check my work.”

Macy’s older sister Evie, a recent high school graduate, was able to use her graphing calculator on the SAT™ and AP™ exams and plans to take it with her to college in the fall.*** “In calculus, the graphing calculator allows you to solve problems using various methods, which helps me think more creatively when I use advanced formulas.” Evie, a National Merit Scholar, scored 780 out of 800 on the mathematics portion of her SAT.

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is one of the most widely accepted graphing calculators in education and is highly recommended for its functionality, ease of use and value. As mentioned above, graphing calculators are also required or permitted on PSAT, SAT and ACT college entrance and AP exams.**** The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition comes pre-loaded with 24 Apps and 500 SAT and 500 ACT test prep questions, and it allows students to download additional Apps and games via the device’s USB connection.


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