Back-to-School 2002 

Texas Instruments started together with the retailer Target for the Back-to-School 2001 campaign the introduction of the TI-83 Plus in a translucent, blue design. This approach was very successful and retailer Walmart followed in 2003 with the TI-30X IIB, TI-30X IIS and TI-503SV in limited edition retail colors while Staples, the world's leading supplier of office products for small to large businesses joined the group in 2004 with a Lime Green TI-83 Plus. In Summer 2008 we located a total of 16 different limited edition calculators from six different retailers.

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Model TI-83 Plus
Ultra Violet
Sales price (*)  

(*) Price survey as of August 1, 2002:

The indicated prices are the results of a small "Back-to-School 2002" survey conducted in Rochester, NY and don't include sales taxes.


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