Beckman / Sperry SP-352



The Beckman (Beckman acquired in 1973 Sperry Information Displays Division, Scottsdale, AZ) SP-352, SP-353 displays are raised-cathode, planar-gas-discharge displays. Units of equal character height can be stacked vertically or horizontally to make any desired message field while maintaining continuous inter-character spacing.


Character Height: 0.55 inch (14 mm) bullet

Neon-Orange color bullet

210 fL Maximum Brightness bullet

130° Viewing Angle bullet

Viewing Distance: 40 feet (12.2 m)

These new types of displays incorporating „keep alive“ cathodes. Advantages of these devices include:


Reduced anode voltage for a given turn-on time bullet

Maximum digit off time is greatly increased. More digits can be multiplexed bullet

Internal turn-on in systems using leading zero suppresion reduced to a few milliseconds bulletNo interdigit blanking required




Heathkit IC-2008A


Technical Specification

Item Min Typ Max Unit Comments
Anode Supply Voltage 160 180 200 V  DC-Characteristics
Anode-to-Anode Differential Voltage              14 V  "
Anode-to Cathode Voltage Drop   135   V "
Cathode Current -  per segment 130 330 420 uA "
Cathode Current  - decimal point 65 135 190 uA "
Cathode Current – keep alive 10 50   uA "
Power Dissipation -  All segments lighted   325   mW "
Anode Voltage Swing 30  45 90 V Multiplex Characteristics
Anode On Time   80 200 uS "
Interdigit Blanking Time (*) 40 55   uS "
Refresh Periode – w/o keep alive     3 mS "
Refresh Periode – with keep alive   10   mS "
Cathode Voltage Swing 30 50 120 V "
Cathode Bias Voltage 30 50 120 V "
Operating Temperature 0   70 °C  
Storage Temperature -55   125 °C  

(*) No anode or cathode blanking is required for proper display performance. Some blanking, however, may be advantageous in eliminating time overlap of signals due to circuit characteristics.



The SP-352 uses a special 20 pin glass-package.


Pin Description

Pin Function Pin Function
B1 Segment A A1 Segment A
B2 Segment B A2 Segment B
B3 Segment C A3 Segment C
B4 Segment D A4 Segment D
B5 Segment E A5 Segment E
B6 Segment F A6 Segment F
B7 Segment G A7 Segment G
B8 Segment DP A8 Segment DP
B9 Anode A9 Anode
B10 keep alive A10 keep alive


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