Texas Instruments TI-503SV (blue)

Date of introduction:  July 2003 Display technology:  LCD
New price:  $4.49 (SRP 2008)
 $5.00 (SRP 2013)
Display size:  8
Size:  4.8" x 3.1" x 0.65"
 121 x 79 x 17 mm
Weight:  2.3 ounces, 65 grams Serial No:  
Batteries:  LR54 (30A) Date of manufacture:  mth 01 year 2003
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  China
Precision:  8 Integrated circuits:  
Memories:  1    
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

This TI-503SV introduced together with the TI-1706SV and TI-1795SV a new calculator design style in 2003. Like the previous generation of the TI-503SV we still notice the rubber keys and a large display. 

TI-503SV_2003_PCB.jpg (43469 Byte)Even the internal construction of the calculator is more or less identical with the predecessor.

In 2004 we noticed in the Wal-Mart stores two variations of the TI-503SV sporting a red housing and a green housing. Competitor Target continued this idea in 2007 with a pink TI-503SV.

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