Texas Instruments FINANCE LIBRARY-04 Solid State Software Module

Date of introduction:  Never
 (Announced: May 1982)
Display technology:  
New price:  MSRP: $40.00 Display size:  
Size:  1.3" x 1.25" x 0.55"
 33 x 32 x 14 mm3
Weight:  0.25 ounces, 7 grams Serial No:  
Batteries:  n.a. Date of manufacture:  wk 37 year 1982
AC-Adapter:   Origin of manufacture:  USA (ATA)
Precision:   Integrated circuits:  TP0532
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

The FINANCE LIBRARY-04 Solid State Software Module was developed by Texas Instruments for its TI-88 Programmable calculator system.

The Finance Library, known as "Module -4-", featuring 9 different programs in one language (English) was announced in May 1982 with an MSRP of $40.00 for the TI-88. These programs demonstrate the calculator's capabilities:

PGM 1: Table of Contents (Alphanumeric reference)
PGM 2: Depreciations (Calculates depreciation on a capital item, 4 possible methods)
PGM 3: Lease Purchase (Provides calculation to aid in deciding whether to lease or buy a piece of equipment)
PGM 4: Uneven Cash Flows
PGM 5: Bond Analysis (Computes yields, prices for bonds)
PGM 6: Financial Needs, Forecasting
PGM 7: Forecasting (Provides trend analysis for different financial, business variables)
PGM 8: Machine Replacement (Determines whether an old machine should be replaced with a new machine by comparing expenses)
PGM 9: Calendar (calculates the days between dates)

Please follow this link to peek inside the MASTER LIBRARY-01.



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