Beckman / Sperry SP-750 Series Multi-Digit Panaplex II Display


These Beckman (Beckman acquired in 1973 Sperry Information Displays Division, Scottsdale, AZ) SP-750 Series display modules are raised-cathode, planar-gas-discharge devices. Units of equal character height can be stacked vertically or horizontally to make any desired message field while maintaining continuous inter-character spacing.

The SP-750 Series display modules are recommended for these applications:

DC operation when zeros are not suppressed or blanked
Multiplexed operation when zeros are not suppressed or blanked when the following requirements can be met:
   1. Minimum digit on times of 100 us
   2. Minimum interdigit blanking of 125 us
   3. Maximum refresh perios of 3 ms

Ih case these requirements can't be met, the use of SP-350 Series display modules is recommended.

0.55”/14.0 mm Characters
Seven-Segment Digits with Right-Hand Decimals
Continuous Uniform Segments, Orange (Neon Glow)
Wide 130° Viewing Angle
40 feet/12 m Viewing Distance
0.531”/13.5 mm Character Spacing
10 years Life Expectancy

Family Members and Applications

Type Products Digits Comments
SP-751   Extra decimal point for left-most digit
SP-753 Heathkit IC-2008, IC-2008A  
SP-754   Extra decimal point for left-most digit



Type Products Relationship Comments
SP-730   0.33” Characters  
SP-350   Keep-alive Cathode Multiplexed applications


Technical Specifications

Item Min Typ Max Unit Comments
Anode Supply Voltage 170
200   V  DC-Characteristics
Anode-to-Anode Differential Voltage     14
V "
Anode-to-Cathode Voltage Drop   150   V "
Cathode Current - Per Segment 250 330 495 uA "
Cathode Current - Decimal Point 100 145 220 uA "
Cathode Current - Plus Sign 492 650 975 uA "
Cathode Current - Minus Sign 227 300 450 uA "
Power Dissipation - All segments lighted   370   mW "
Anode Voltage Swing 200 225   V Multiplex Characteristics
Digit On Time   100 200 us "
Inter-digit Blanking Time 125 150   us "
Refresh Period     3 ms "
Cathode Voltage Swing 30 50 120 V "
Cathode Bias Voltage 30 50 120 V "
Operating Temperature 0   70 °C  
Storage Temperature -55   125 °C  

(1) The minimum recommended voltage required to ionize the display is 170 volts (210 volts for multiplexed operation). After the display is ionized, the voltage drop is approximately 150 volts.
(2) Lighted cathodes on all digits with independent current limiting. For bussed cathodes (multiplex operation), 100 volts is permissible.


The Sperry SP-750 Series Information Displays are neon gas-discharge devices that use seven segments to form and desired number from 0 to 9 and some alphabetic characters. The desired symbol is formed by application of a DC voltage between an anode and the appropriate cathode segments of the display. By selectively addressing the desired segment combinations, the neon gas surrounding the segment becomes ionized exhibiting a soft orange glow and displaying the desired number or letter.

Each character or digit is comprised of seven segments or cathodes and a decimal point. Each digit has a separate anode imprinted on the faceplate. Voltage is applied to the anode via a separate connector pin in the substrate.


The SP-751 and SP-752 are using a 1.06" / 26.9 mm by 1.12” / 28.4 mm glass substrate with 18 connector pins in an irregular arrangement on the bottom of the display module.

The SP-753 and SP-754 are using a 1.59" / 40.4 mm by 1.12” / 28.4 mm glass substrate with 27 connector pins in an irregular arrangement on the bottom of the display module.

Pin Configuration

Pin Pol. Function
1 C A Segment / Not used
2 C B Segment
3 C C Segment
4 C D Segment / Extra DP
5 C E Segment / Minus Segment
6 C F Segment / Plus Segment
7 C G Segment / Not used
8 C Decimal Point
9 A Digit
The Cathode of the Segments A-G and Right-Hand Decimals and the Anode of the Digits are connected to the display in the pictured way. 
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