Texas Instruments TI-2500B / Datamath (Made in Spain)

Date of introduction:  January 1974 Display technology:  LED-stick 
New price:  3,190 pts (Oct. 1974) Display size:  8
Size:  5.5" x 3.0" x 1.7"
 139 x 76 x 42 mm3
Weight:  6.7 ounces, 191 grams Serial No:  AE 1432
Batteries:  3*AA NiCd  Date of manufacture:  wk 42 year 1974
AC-Adapter:  AC9900/E Origin of manufacture:  Spain
Precision:   Integrated circuits:  TMS0119
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Philippe Leckler
    Download manual:   (US: 2.4M Bytes)

This TI-2500B manufactured in Spain is identical with the original TI-2500B

TI-2500BS1-Batt.jpg (25456 Byte)In opposite to a later TI-2500B it sports a battery compartment to accommodate either 3 rechargeable NiCd batteries or 4 AA cells.

Currently we know the manufacturing dates of three TI-2500B manufactured in Spain:

Owner Date Code Batteries
Philippe Leckler wk 42 year 1974 3/4
Gordon Dyer wk 47 year 1974 3
Joerg Woerner  wk 05 year 1975 3


Datamath™ is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

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