Additional Pictures 


The alphanumeric display of the TI-88 prompts in readable english.

The TI-88 uses a much larger than other 
calculators in the Slanted Line.

The realtime clock adds time and date.

The TI-88 was prepared for different languages.

The rear view of the TI-88 with both the rechargable battery
and the cartridges removed.

The display module of the TI-88 is connected with just
5 wires to the main printed circuit board (PCB).

The inside view of the earlier (May 1982) TI-88.

The inside view of the later (August 1982) TI-88.

The brain of the TI-88 with very preliminary part numbers.

CRAM-Modules as user programmable memory with 
either 1184 program steps or 184 user memories.

The rechargable battery pack of the TI-88 with just one AA-sized
NiCd battery in a small plastic housing.

CROM-Modules as pre-programmed software like the earlier 
TI-58C/TI-59  Solid State Software™ modules with 
15000 program steps.

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