Additional Pictures 


The Educator TI-73 Explorer calculator in its package

The label of the Educator TI-73 Explorer calculator.

The internal construction of the Educator TI-73 Explorer makes use of two connected
printed circuit boards (PCB) for the dot-matrix display resp. the keyboard assembly.

The PCB connected to the dot-matrix display makes use of just one display driver
mounted on a small, flexible PCB. 

The close-up image of the display driver reveals its genes: A Toshiba T6K04 single-chip driver 
for dot matrix displays with up to 128 columns and 64 rows mounted on a tape carrier package.

The PCB connected to the keyboard sports just an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and the Flash-ROM. 

A close-up image of the TI-738X ASIC and the Spansion S29AL004 Flash-ROM.

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