Sanyo ICC-0081 Mini Calculator

Date of introduction:  January 1971 Display technology:  Gas-discharge tubes
New price:  ¥ 33,000, $ 425.00 Display size:  8
Size:  9.7" x 5.5" x 2.4"
 246 x 140 x 60 mm3
Weight:  44.3 ounces, 1256 grams Serial No:  T1144159
Batteries:  5N-1200SCL (6V 1200mAh) Date of manufacture:  mth 02 year 1971
AC-Adapter:  120V or 220V Origin of manufacture:  Japan
Precision:  16 Integrated circuits:  Sanyo LM8001, LM8002, LM8003, LM8005
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

ICC-0081_1.jpg (78380 Byte)Sanyo Electronics Company (Japan) entered the market of portable, electronic calculators already in May 1970 with the ICC-82D (Integrated Circuit Calculator). This "Mini Calculator" with rechargeable NiCd batteries lists in one line with:

Canon Pocketronic
Sharp QT-8D

ICC-0081_2.jpg (74012 Byte)The rather boxy ICC-0081, which looks with its carrying handle and cover very similar to Sanyo’s portable cassette tape recorders of the same era, hides its display under a small hood.

ICC-0081_3.jpg (48744 Byte)A large cover located between the display and the keyboard gives access to a sealed battery block with five rechargeable NiCd cells of 1.2V, each.

ICC-0081_PCB.jpg (151508 Byte)Dismantling this ICC-0081 manufactured in February 1971 reveals a clean and robust design based on four integrated circuits with SANYO LM8001, LM8002, LM8003, and LM8005 markings. These chips were manufactured under license of General Instruments Corp., together with Rockwell and Texas Instruments one of the pioneers in the development of LSI circuits (Large-Scale-Integration) in MOS technology.

ICC-0081_Disp.jpg (63753 Byte)The display of the featured calculator is composed of eight individual, amber colored gas-discharge tubes with the common seven-segment layout. 

Within a few months engineers at Sanyo managed it to squeeze the four chip design of the ICC-82D / ICC-0081 into a package barely larger than the later Texas Instruments Datamath and introduced the incredible ICC-804D, a.k.a. Dictaphone 1681.


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