Canon Pocketronic Versions

If you discover your Canon Pocketronic or the identical Monroe 10 you may notice some differences on the top printed circuit board (PCB). The picture below show three different versions of the calculator.


On the left: Peter Muckermann's Canon Pocketronic
TMC1730A,TMC1731A  Date code Mid 1970 and TMC1732A Date Code Mid 1971


Center position: Rick Bensene's Canon Pocketronic
TMC1730A,TMC1731A,TMC1732A  Date Code Mid 1971


On the right: Nigel Tout's Canon Pocketronic 
TMC1730B, TMC1731A,TMC1732A  Date Code unknown

Why these different versions of the top PCB? On the left, a machine with date codes on the three calculating chips around 1971, the PCB holds an IC SN21893 with a date code of 1974 (!). We assume that this board does same timing corrections of the thermal printer. With the Pocketronic in the center (Rick Bensene's calculator) this IC is missing. And, finally on the right, Nigel Tout's calculator exhibits a completely different PCB with just a few discrete components. 

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Joerg Woerner, December 5, 2001. No reprints without written permission.