Canon Canola L-3

Date of introduction:  1979 Display technology:  Fluorescent
New price:   Display size:  12
Size:  7.3" x 5.0" x 1.65"
 185 x 126 x 42 mm3
Weight:  11.2 ounces, 320 grams Serial No:  348019
Batteries:  4*AA or NiCd Pack-5 Date of manufacture:  year 1980
AC-Adapter:  AD-1 Origin of manufacture:  Japan
Precision:  12 Integrated circuits:  Hitachi HD38401A 
Memories:  1    
Program steps:   Courtesy of:  Joerg Woerner

Canon introduced in 1979 with the stylish Canola L-3 a very capable battery operated desktop calculator with a large 12-digit Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) based on Hitachi's HD38401A single-chip calculator circuit.

Dismantling the featured Canon Canola L-3 small desktop calculator manufactured in 1980 in Japan reveals a very cost-effective design using a rather small single-side printed circuit board (PCB) dominated by a large 12-digit VF-Display hiding the Hitachi HD38401A chip and connected to a large keyboard assembly and powered by 4 AA-sized alkaline batteries or an optional rechargeable battery pack.

About 10 years later the Canola L-20 II continued the design approach of this Canola L-3 and reused its Hitachi chip.

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