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The sales box of the Canon Pocketronic II sold in Fall 1974 in the US.

This Pocketronic II Printing Calculator was manufactured in August 1974 by
Canon in the United States.

The Canon Pocketronic II  is powered by 11 AA-sized rechargeable batteries.

The inside view of the Pocketronic II with the backside of the housing removed.

The Main printed circuit board (PCB) of the Pocketronic II is centered around a TMC0138 single-chip calculator
circuit and a TMS0641 Printer Chip driving the 4x5 dot-matrix thermal heater elements directly.

Close-up view of the TMC0138 single-chip calculator circuit.

Close-up view of the TMS0641 Printer Chip.

Close-up view of the serial thermal printhead assembly and its heater elements.

Close-up of the electromagnetic actuator with its ratchet mechanism.

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