Additional Pictures 


The charger cradle of the LE-10 is really big compared with the calculator.

During charging time the cradle works as a comfortable stand of the LE-10.

Dismantling the LE-10 reveals a compact arrangement of three different printed circuit 
boards (PCB's) and the keyboard assembly.

Two of the PCB's use edge connectors and can be
easily removed from the chassis.

The main PCB with the hybrid display-
drivers and a discrete DC/DC converter.

The Canon LE-10 uses the TMS1824, TMS1825 chip set
known from the L100A. It was developed in the same
era as the later single-chip calculator IC TMS1802.

The tiny display board holds 11 small
7-segment modules made by TI.

The sealed NiCd battery pack of the LE-10.

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