Additional Pictures 


This TI-92 PLUS with the Date code I-1099A was manufactured by Inventec in Taiwan in October 1999.

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-92 Plus is centered around a powerful Motorola M68EC000 CPU with the
associated 200C040 ASIC, a 2M*8 Flash ROM, two 128k*8 RAM and a total of 5 display drivers for the graphics screen. 

ZOOM-Image of the Motorola MC68SEC000 microprocessor (CPU).

ZOOM-Image of the TI-REF 200C040 ASIC.



ZOOM-Image of the Sharp LH26F160 Flash-ROM.

ZOOM-Image of one of the two Epson SRM20V100 RAM.



ZOOM-Image of one of the three Toshiba T6B07 column drivers.

ZOOM-Image of one of the two Toshiba T6B08 row drivers.



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