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The TI-89 Titanium VSC uses a redesigned bottom shell of the housing to accommodate the ViewScreen connector. 
This calculator with the date-code I-0709 was manufactured by Inventec in Shanghai, China in July 2009.

A small, carefully shielded PCB (printed circuit board) hosts some drivers between
the ViewScreen connector and the flexible cable reaching to the main PCB.

Close-up view of the Motorola MC68SEC000 CPU.

Close-up view of the TI REF 680TG0204R02 ASIC manufactured by Toshiba.

Close-up view of the Sharp LH28F320 Flash-ROM.

The display drivers of the TI-89 Titanium VSC.

This small PCB hides under the shielding foil and buffers the signals between the
TI-89 Titanium ViewScreen Calculator and the ViewScreen panel.

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