Additional Pictures 


This TI-83 Plus Silver Edition with the date code S-1203C was 
manufactured by Inventec in China in December 2003.

The printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-83 Plus S.E. manufactured in 2003 is completely different to the
earlier TI-83 Plus. The Z-80 microprocessor is integrated together with the supporting logic into an ASIC.

The PCB of this TI-83 Plus S.E. manufactured in Winter 2003 utilizes two huge memories: The S-RAM Cypress 
CY62128 stores 128k Byte Data and the Flash-ROM Fujitsu 29LV160 holds up to 2M Byte Program.

The TI-83 Plus S.E. ASIC TI REF 83PL2M/TA2 220C040 in a standard flatpack housing. 

The display driver Toshiba T6K04 of the TI-83 Plus S.E. manufactured late in 2003.

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