Additional Pictures 


The main PCB of the TI-82 STATS with three
components: An application specific Z-80 micro-
processor, a Flash-ROM and the S-RAM.

The new TI-82 integrated not only the
 Z-80 microprocessor but also the S-RAM into the
ASIC. The LCD-driver is visible on a second PCB.

The new TI-84 Plus makes use of a similiar
architecture centered around an even bigger
ASIC hosting the USB Port, too.

The TI-82 sports an unusual access to
the batteries with a sliding cover.

The TI-82 ASIC.

 The TI-84 Plus ASIC.

The display driver of the TI-82  in a small
COB housing mounted on a second PCB:

The display driver of the TI-84 Plus is identical
and mounted on a second PCB, too.

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