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This TI-73 Explorer ViewScreen calculator was manufactured in March 2007 by 
Inventec in China (Date codeS-0307F mth 03 yr 2007).
Please notice the bulkier housing to accommodate the additional electronics.

The TI-73 Explorer ViewScreen calculator is powered by four AAA-sized cells and a CR1620 backup battery.

The printed circuit boards (PCBs) of the TI-73 VSC are identical with its sibling but added a small connector
to a piggy-back PCB with the two additional driver circuits.

The additional PCB with two additional driver circuits
and a connector for the external ViewScreen.

Close-up view of the LVXC3245 driver.

The printed circuit boards (PCBs) of this TI-73 Explorer ViewScreen Calculator manufactured in March 2007
looks very familiar to us and is centered around a TI-738X 220C080 ASIC.

The TI-73 Explorer VSC ASIC TI-738X 220C080 in a standard flatpack housing. 


The Flash ROM Macronix MX29LV400 with a capacity of 512k Bytes. 

The display driver Novatek NT7564H of the TI-73 Explorer VSC manufactured in 2007.

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