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This TI-73 ViewScreen calculator with the Date code I-0598 was manufactured by Inventec in Taiwan in May 1998 .
Please notice the bulkier housing to accommodate the additional electronics.

The printed circuit boards (PCBs) of the TI-73 VSC are identical with its sibling but added a small connector
to a piggy-back PCB with the two additional driver circuits.

The PCB of this TI-73 VSC manufactured in May 1998 with the classic Z80 based architecture. The
Flash-ROM AM 29F400 stores up to 512k Bytes Program and the SRAM Epson SRM2B256 sports 32k Bytes capacity.

Additional Zoom-Images - Zilog Z80 CPU:


Additional Zoom-Images -  ASIC

Additional Zoom-Images - NOR Flash-ROM:

Additional Zoom-Images - S-RAM:

The Toshiba T6A04 display driver of the TI-73 VSC in a small
COB housing mounted on a second PCB:

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