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This TI-73 with the date code I-0199 was manufactured by Inventec in Taiwan in January 1999.

The main printed circuit board (PCB) of the TI-73 manufactured in 1999 is completely different to the 
previous TI-83. The Toshiba T6C79 Application Specific CPU was replaced by a two-chip approach based on
a discrete Zilog Z-80 CPU and a Texas Instruments TI REF 9815455 ASIC.

The PCB of this TI-73 manufactured beginning of 1999 with the classic Z80 based architecture. The
Flash ROM AM 29F400 stores up to 512k Byte Program and the SRAM Epson SRM2B256 sports 32k Byte capacity.

This TI-73 hosts the ASIC TI REF 9815455 used later in the TI-83 Plus design. 

The display driver Toshiba T6A04 of the TI-73 manufactured in January 1999.

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